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At Plastic Perfection, we've been helping school typing tutors since 1995. The schools that we've helped span across the country. Check out a list of schools we've helped »

We Accept School Purchase Orders!

To complete a purchase order by fax, simply send the fax to (435) 603-3489.

If you prefer to send the Purchase Order in by mail, please use the following address:

Plastic Perfection
PO Box 1044
Midway, UT 84049

Other Large Orders

We supply schools and large corporations on a regular basis. If you belong to such an institution, call us at (801) 836-0492 and we will find something that can work for you.


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"The keyboard trainers we ordered last school year are still holding up very well. We have tried the Sskins that actually sit on the keys but some kids say those slow them down. So far, these are the best keyboard covers we've had in our lab yet! Thanks so much!"
–Wendy McDevitt, Student Achievement Specialist / Technology Teacher

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