Plastic Perfection Company Information


Plastic Perfection was created by Dan and Shauna Hill in 1995. Dan worked for a plastic fabricating company 15 years ago in Provo, Utah and learned to work with plastic. Soon after, he decided to create his own fabricating company and developed Plastic Perfection. At the time, Plastic Perfection made a variety of products for a variety of industries.

About 12 years ago, Dan had a teacher from a private school approach him and ask if Plastic Perfection could develop a product to cover children’s fingers while they were typing. Both Dan and the teacher saw the great need for this product, so Plastic Perfection began marketing the typing tutor, known as the Keyboard Trainer to other schools.

Over time, the Keyboard Trainer has become a popular typing tutor used by schools across the United States. Additional requests led to the development of the Keyboard Companion book holder and the Testing Booklet holder. These products meet the requests of teachers who want more durable stands for typing books to stand on and testing booklets to rest on.

We hope you enjoy the family of Plastic Perfection products, and we would love to get your comments, feedback, and suggestions.