Plastic Perfection Testimonials


“I love them. In the past we used fabric to cover hands and the students complain that they are too hot. Then I tried using cardboard pop flats that I cut one side from. Those are ok, but they break quite fast when students are using them all day. I put sticky velcro on the keyboard trainer and sewed velcro to the fabric that we have used for years. The fabric hangs in front of the box so that kids can’t scoot down in their chairs and look under. I love that the back is open because they can get air to their hands and I can see from the back side if their fingers are on home keys. I am now working on getting funds from the PTO to get the companion to go with them!”

–Brenda Doud, Technology


“We cannot say enough good about the Keyboard Trainers and Companions we have been using over the past several years. We could not be happier. We looked to other companies for a better price and were disappointed not only with the price, but the quality of the products they had to offer. We continue to share our feelings with other schools and hope they take advantage of the great product you have to offer.”

–Terry Hill, Principal


“The keyboard trainer is my biggest asset for teaching keyboarding skills. My students have been able to achieve their goals because of this product. Thank you, we could not have done this without your help! ”

–Paula Kelleher, Computer Technology Specialist


“The Plastic Perfection Keyboard Trainers have been a BIG hit at Dodd Elementary. The kids love them and cannot wait to get started keyboarding so they can use them. We have had a major increase in typing speed. I love the fact that the covers are practically indestructible—since there are over 650 kids in and out of my lab each week! Thank you for a great product!”

–Nancy Spaulding, Keyboarding Instructor


“Over the past year, it has been my pleasure to watch my students grow into proficient, confident keyboardists. Thanks in large part to your product (the Keyboard Trainer), my middle school students are learning to keyboard faster and with greater accuracy than ever! I highly recommend this durable, quality product to anyone teaching or learning keyboarding.”

–Christopher Henricksen, Computer Literacy Teacher


“The keyboard trainers we ordered last school year are still holding up very well. We have tried the Sskins that actually sit on the keys but some kids say those slow them down. So far, these are the best keyboard covers we’ve had in our lab yet! Thanks so much!”

–Wendy McDevitt, Student Achievement Specialist / Technology Teacher


“I love the Keyboard Trainers and so do my students! We used them for the first time last semester. Midway through the course, I told my students they could remove the trainers since we had completed our alphabetic keyboard training. Most of the students wanted to leave them on just so they would not develop any keypeeking habits.

Thank you for this wonderful product! ”

–Jane Corradetti, Moraine Valley Community College


“Last year, I purchased Plastic Perfection Keyboard Companions for my classroom. I am very pleased with the quality of the product. They are made of durable plastic that won’t break, and they have a color and texture that make them virtually impossible to deface. The Keyboard Companions hold papers and books in the proper position for keyboarding. My students enjoy using them. I highly recommend this product.”

–Jeff Hinton, Keyboarding Teacher


“When I told my students that I was getting them keyboard covers they all moaned and groaned. Then plastic perfection’s Keyboard Trainers arrived and they all wanted to try them out and see if they could type with them. Thank you Plastic Perfection.”

–Jonathon Hanten, Technology Coordinator & Computer Instructor


“We are very happy with our keyboard covers and the paper holders. The keyboard covers are durable and just the right size to enable students to gain confidence in keying by touch. I’ve had students lean on the keyboard covers and they still keep their shape, unlike the cardboard covers I was using before. We even use the keyboard covers during online testing. The students stand them on end and use them to block the view of other students’ wandering eyes.”

“The paper holders have a wide enough space at the bottom so they hold the keyboarding booklet and other papers that students use during the day. Each workstation is kept a little neater because there is a place for all the papers.”

–Penny Flory, Elementary School Keyboarding Teacher