Custom Book Holders and Other Plastic Solutions

If you have a custom book holder design or any other custom plastic need, feel free to contact us. When possible, we are happy to create custom plastic products for our customers.

Some of our customers have requested our book holders not have a lip, others have requested a more shallow lip for smaller textbooks, and the list goes on. We can do much more than keyboard covers and book stands!

Prior Custom Plastic Products:

We have been contacted over the years to make many custom products including custom book holders and the other products listed below:

  • Ice cream cone holders
  • Restaurant menu holders
  • Keyboard counter trays
  • Storage trays
  • Small boxes
  • Book ends
  • Cup holders

In addition, we can also make the Keyboard Companion wider if requested. We can also make the Keyboard Companion without a front lip. Please contact us for more information.