Learn Touch Typing

When should students learn touch typing?

Most media specialists have participated in this debate. There is no doubt that learning touch typing at an early age removes one of the stumbling blocks young students find when attempting to use computers. For this reason, library media specialists are going to see keyboarding or typing become part of the elementary curriculum. The days of finding typing classes only in high school business departments are coming to an end. Although extremely young children lack the dexterity and hand size to learn touch typing, it has been shown that students of fourth or fifth grade age can learn touch typing.

Develop a timeframe to learn touch typing

To begin, develop a time frame in which students can earn a certificate after they learn touch typing skills. Touch typing lends itself very well to individualized instruction that can be offered by the classroom teacher and the media specialist. Practice time when students can learn touch typing can be accomplished in the media center and group sessions, where new keys are introduced, in the classroom.

Introductory lessons can easily be taught on paper keyboards. Simply develop a same-size drawing of the computer keyboard the students will be using in class. Make the necessary number of copies These keyboards can be laminated to make them more durable.

Either of these keyboards can be used to help students learn touch typing by introducing students to the home keys – A, S, D, F, J, K, L, ;. When the students have been drilled on these keys, the space bar, carriage return, and shift keys can be introduced. Students can keep track of the keys they master as they learn touch typing by coloring in the masteres keys with a magic marker.

The days of students who learn touch typing at the high school level are over. Students now need to learn touch typing in the elementary grades. Media specialists now need to develop some typing activities that can be used by the classroom teacher and set up a typing corner in the media center. Put your teaching skills to practice again.

Use games to learn touch typing

There are many fun and educational games that students can use to learn touch typing. One of the most popular touch typing games is called Typer Shark. Many free versions of this game are available. Learn touch typing by playing Typer Shark for free! (Note: it’s free because you have to watch a 15 second ad before playing)