Typing Book Stands

Our Keyboard Companion’s are extremely useful typing book stands. They are used as typing book stands, paper holders, document holders, booklet stands, and/or paper stands. Our typing book stands are made of 1/8 inch black ABS plastic, are very durable, and come with a lifetime warranty.

The ABS plastic we use for our typing book stands is virtually impossible to break. In addition, the texture and color of the typing book stands prevents scratches and marks from showing, and even helps hide fingerprints!

Benefits of Typing Book Stands?

Typing book stands are an excellent tool to improve keyboarding efficiency. When you use typing book stands, you improve the fluidity of your typing, which improves your overall typing speed. If you are in need of typing book stands, we offer the following options:

Typing Book Stands for Testing

Standard Typing Book Stands

Custom Made Typing Book Stands

We can customize the Keyboard Companion for you. The most common changes people request are to make the plastic typing book stands wider, or to make it without a front lip. Please contact us for more information.